Teboho Writing Services

About the writer ( Teboho Modise)

I graduated in 2006 from the University of Free State with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Geography and have completed several postgraduate courses in Environmental Management, I have been writing ever since. 

My science background has come in handy for a variety of projects from technical writing assignments to science website content, but I've always enjoyed creative work as well. 

I enjoy working with people and I love to write. The combination gives me an edge in the freelance writing services. I'm outgoing enough to ask all the right questions and lucky enough that I never get bored doing my job. I believe any piece of writing is worthy of perfection, be it a 500 words article; a well written manual or a press release.

I have always gone the extra mile for my clients. You will find that I am meticulous, that my work is original, and that I will consistently produce above and beyond expectations.

A truly versatile writer is a rare catch, but I'm living proof they're out there.