Teboho Writing Services

Teboho Writing Services (TWS)

Teboho Writing Services offers wide range of professional freelance writing services ranging from writing speeches; article writing; creating newsletters and brochures; press release and feature articles; small business blog posting and website content.


About Teboho Writing Services

  Information about the writer:

As a freelance writer, Teboho Modise has written dozens of articles on current affairs to book manuals, including newspapers, magazines, books, Web sites, newsletters and more. He can write the content that you need and improve the content that you already have.

At Teboho Writing Services (TWS), words are our business. We choose them well and we write them better. Our writing philosophy is built upon storytelling. Everyone and everything has a story, after all, and nothing can tell — or sell — that story better than well-crafted words.


When you hire TWS as your writer, you'll get:

  • Clean, accurate, well-researched copy.
  • A man who knows that deadlines are sacred.
  • Excellent copy of any length and on any subject.
  • Copy that's consistent with your voice, style, standards and brand identity.
  • Exciting stories on even the driest subjects.
  • Content that both informs and engages your readers.
  • Writing that's crisp and error-free.


Article Writing: We research and write articles based on any subject matter, if it is out there, we can write about it.


Writing speeches and scripts that will radiate the confidence that you must have as an individual and a powerful business organization.

Creating brochures, booklets, and pamphlets that will educate your target audience about your business and services.


Function/Event/ Wedding Copywrite Solutions: Our services include events related written material from invite design to thank you notes to guests.


Feature Articles: From useful editorials to complete event coverage, my feature articles aim both to inform and entertain. Do you need a holiday gift guide? How about an article explaining an esoteric subject to a mainstream audience? I can do that.


Press Releases: The single greatest way to get the world to know about your latest product, service, or company development is to issue an effective press release. You need something that will capture their attention, motivating them to contact you for more information.